My Army. See Through Heart

“My Army. See Through Heart” was the first exhibition of the “Army. Re-birth” project. The exhibition opening, timed to the 25th anniversary of Ukrainian independence, took place on August 23, 2016 at the Kyiv History Museum. It featured 250 of the best military photographs submitted through, and a selection from the Ministry of Defence photo archives. The images were taken by military and civilian photographers, soldiers and volunteers from across Ukraine. The exhibition also included excerpts from wartime diaries, poems, and documentary footage taken with amateur cameras and mobile phones.

The face of the debut exhibition was Sergeant Vitaliy Halchynsky, commander of the assault section of the 46th Detached Special Purpose Battalion “Donbas-Ukraine”, formerly a businessman and volunteer.

The first exhibition “My Army. See Through Heart” in numbers:

  • 800 guests at the opening
  • 3000 visitors during two weeks of work
  • 300 school children and university students attended the lecture devoted to International Day of Peace
  • 250 positive comments from visitors from Austria, Germany, Russia, the USA and Japan
  • 250 mentions in the media

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