Military Photography Contest

The military photography contest launched on October 13, 2016, was the second phase of the “Army. Re-birth” project chronicling the changes in the Ukrainian army.

It aims to determine the social role of the military profession and to show that the defenders of Ukraine deserve recognition and respect on the part of the entire Ukrainian society and government. The organizers deliberately move away from romanticizing war, allowing each participant of the contest to offer their vision of the Ukrainian army’s re-birth, and the audience to look behind the scenes of military life and form their own attitude to what is happening at the front, and how the Armed Forces of Ukraine are changing.

The contest is opened to everyone, regardless of photography experience. The submitted works are evaluated by the site visitors, as well as by a jury of three professional Ukrainian photographers: Anna Voitenko, Alexander Glyadelov and Alexander Lyapin.

The winners will be determined in February 2017, and the short-listed photos were published on January,13 2017.

The full text of the contest rules is available on the official contest page.


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