Army. Re-birth

“Army. Re-birth” is a photo project of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine that traces the rebirth of Ukraine’s army through the accounts of eyewitnesses and those directly involved in this process.

In the more than two years since the start of the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine, our Armed Forces have come a long way in terms of modernization and change. This period has seen the Ukrainian people come together to defend their land against an enemy with superior military might.

The courage of our servicemen, and assistance from volunteers and ordinary citizens helped our army survive the critical first months of the conflict and gave impetus to large-scale reforms, that continue today. Army. Re-birth is a view on these changes in the army, as seen by the citizens of Ukraine, and a thank you to everyone who made these changes possible.

The project has already held two exhibitions of the series “My Army. See Through Heart” in Kyiv and Mariupol, a military photography contest, and is planned to publish a photo book, with consultation provided by Donald Weber, a two-time winner of the World Press Photo Award.

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