The winners were selected by an independent jury of professional photographers - Anna Voitenko, Alexander Glyadelov, and Alexander Lyapin. They each chose their favourites, and the winner was the one with the most points. More often than not, the decision was unanimous.

“There were no disputes. We each made our selections, and when we compared them we saw that we all liked the same photos. Therefore, I’m certain the best photographs won,” says Alexander Lyapin.

The jury was to select three winners from each category, but this number increased given the proximity of points. In total, 17 instead of 15 photographers were awarded. A special people’s choice award went to the photograph with the most online votes. 

The contest’s grand prize was awarded to volunteer Anastasia Ivanova for her photograph “Alone with a Friend” picturing a Ukrainian soldier at the grave of his brother-in-arms.

“I took this photograph randomly. The day after the funeral of a fighter of the Donbas Ukraina battalion I returned to his grave with the head of our raion administration to lay another wreath. When we arrived, we saw a soldier in uniform lying by the grave. It was a bitterly striking scene. I decided it was worth remembering and photographed it with my tablet,” says Anastasia.

Like most of the participants, Anastasia is not a professional photographer. The contest organizers wanted to make the contest open to amateur photographers. Alina Frolova, director of the StratComUA strategic communications agency and advisor to the Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, explains: “It was important for us to show emotion. The emotions of ordinary people directly involved in the war – our soldiers on the frontline, volunteers, people living in the conflict zones. They see what is happening in the army every day, and create its history with their photographs. This is a tremendous archive of memory that we must not lose.”

Alina Frolova says all the contest photos will be put on a special online platform: “Understanding the importance of preserving the history of the past three years, we are creating a special site for all the photos submitted for the contest and during other stages of the ‘Army. Rebirth’ project. These photos belong to the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, but will be accessible to the public online.”

In addition to certificates, the winners received prizes from the contest sponsor – ASUS. The grand prize winner also received a Canon professional camera to help take her interest in photography to a new level.

Winners of the “Ukrainian Military Photography Contest”:

Category “Freely”

І. “Between Battles” Yuriy Velychko

II. “Nom de Guerre ‘Vinnytsia’”, Yuriy Velychko

ІІІ. “Eternal Memory”, Yevhen Rozheniuk / “Murchyk the Psychotherapist”, Liudmyla Mytsyk

Category “Life”

І. Photo series, Maksym Kryvtsov

ІІ. “The Dugout”, Dmytro Kuprian

ІІІ. “On the March”, Ihor Hlibka // “A Treacherous Path”, Vadym Dubkovsky

Category “People”

І. “Alone with a Friend”, Anastasia Ivanova (Grand Prize)

ІІ. “Wedding”, Vladyslav Musiyenko

ІІІ. “Friends Don't get Left Behind”, Tetiana Vyhovska

Category “Together”

І. “Volunteer”, Kleopatra Anferova

ІІ. “Praying for Ukraine”, Liudmyla Mytsyk

ІІІ. “A Woman Volunteer in Reliable Hands” (photo №1 in the series), Kostiantyn Denysov

Category “In Focus”

І. “Sky” (photo series), Anton Tenishev

ІІ. “Old Man”, Yulia Kurochkina

ІІІ. “Under Fire at ‘12 O'clock’”, Artur Nazarov / “The Most Dangerous Sabotage-Reconnaissance Group”, Viktor Klyuev

People’s Choice Award

“A True Warrior and his Son”, Eugen Sosnovskiy

The winning photos can be viewed at